Redefining media to be a healthier place for everyone.



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Jenna Carlie Self Portrait


Jenna Carlie is a freelance photographer and designer located in Los Angeles. Jenna obtained her bachelor’s in fine art and photography from Rhode Island School of Design. She also acquired additional training in studio lighting from Speos Institute of Photography in Paris, France. While studying at these institutions she gained extensive knowledge in photography, art and design. Jenna has further expanded her expertise in the creative industry by working for leading professionals such as Annie Leibovitz, Lauren Greenfield and Alexa Meade.

Artist statement

My goal is to help people feel empowered, confident, accepted, valued, attractive and unique. Through my photography, I encourage people to express their true reality, striving to help each person shed any preconceived notions they have about how they should look or act. I encourage every individual to embrace who they want to be instead of who others want them to be.

My personal work is about redefining media to be a healthier place for everyone. In most of my personal bodies of work, I focus on the depictions and portrayals of women in media, exploring how it affects our culture, social norms, expectations, and women individually. My aim is to portray these issues in a manner that encourages people to think differently, about how people are represented and what effects it has on a society at large and people individually. My goal is to diversify media, make it more inclusive instead of exclusive, break down social constructs, encourage acceptance, diversity, individuality and give exposure to varying types of people, with different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, appearances and body types. To create a platform where people can generate light for topics not openly discussed and have their voices heard.