Email: jcarlie@alumni.risd.edu

Jenna Carlie recently graduated from Rhode Island School of Design where she studied fine art and photography. After she graduated she went to Europe for 4 months. She traveled through 10 different countries to photographically document and explore each places vast and unique beauty. She didn't go about this European travel exploration in the ordinary way. She wanted to truly experience and learn about each culture, becoming fully immersed. With a lot of hard work and planning she was able to land various jobs that focused on the specialties of that specific region. She lived and worked with the locals for 2 weeks at a time. 

Before R.I.S.D. she lived in Paris, where she worked for a family as an Au Pair, attended Speos photographic institute, took French classes, wandered through every art museum, explored the city from top to bottom, had wonderfully endless nights with friends and ultimately fell in love with the city of light. She still dreams of moving back or at least having a job where she is continually visiting.

Before Paris, she was living in Los Angeles California and attending Loyola Marymount University. She was studying business and political science. Ultimately she knew this wasn't the place or career for her and had to follow her dreams to be an artist. Although no one supported her decision which made it very hard to succeed, she believed in herself and stayed loyal to her truth, using strength and determination to succeed. This motivation, strength and fight in her, is what drives her to create new, different and thought provoking work. While also continuing to chase her goals and dreams, no matter who says 'she cant' she always responds 'she can and she will'.

Above all, Jenna's most passionate subject is women and media. Her goal is to make photography that actively fights and questions the expectations of women in media and in society. And furthermore, bringing to light how these depictions trigger a domino effect and negatively impact women. She is constantly searching for ways of talking about these issues and depict them in a thought provoking manner. Her most recent work on this topic, What is Sexy, is a social documentary project where she interviews many different women in her generation. Please view this work and inquire for more information or ways you can participate.