This large scale project includes historic and current-day photographs from over 150 buildings. The project displays the historic views of the city in comparison to present-day, showcasing the passage of time, the way things change and the way things stay the same. This series will also document the major revitalization that Alton is going through, by looking at the past, comparing it to the present, and planning for a brighter future. The images are not only nostalgic, but they also bring art through time. Allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the past, while simultaneously observing the present, and dreaming about the future for the city of Alton.

Jenna has been working extensively on this project in conjunction with AltonWorks, Simmons Hanly Conroy, Giant City Properties and Rex Encore.

Historic Photos from Hayner Public Library

Special thanks to Don Huber, John Lindsey and Lacy McDonald.