This project is in honor of my grandmother, Antoinette Carlie. A fashion editorial documenting her clothes throughout the decades, ranging from 1910 to 1980. After all these years, she kept her entire wardrobe and preserved the items as priceless memories. She is able to associate memories through fashion because it was her favorite and most personal mode of self-expression. Being able to design her own clothing and dress however she desired, not only represented her creativity but also brought her happiness and confidence.
      After all this time, she had decided to pass them down to me. I knew instantly I had to do something to commemorate this. The best way for me to re-exhibit these pieces was to bring them into a contemporary context. Creating an entire shoot in present day, based solely on her stories, her style, the actual garments she wore and placed within historically important locations where she has always lived, Saint Louis.
      After the fashion shoot, I collaborated with my grandfather and collected photographs he had taken of my grandmother. In this book I include his vintage images along side the fashion photographs I took and the objects from her house that symbolize different memories I have with her. I hope this story inspires the viewers to think of, remember and appreciate the stories and lives of their elders.      

Toni Carlie and Jenna Carlie

Dedicated to the one & only Toni Carlie

Love you Grandma.