Goal: Design a poster that can represent all forms of art.

Problem: Broad yet specific, extremely hard to incorporate/summarize "all art" in an inclusive way for each medium.

Solution: As a team of three, we spent many hours bouncing ideas back and fourth. After many mock ups and inspiration boards, we just started talking about what it's like to be an artist. We realized the stories characterized the art world as a complicated entity that's difficult to navigate, find happiness in and make money at. A large part of an artists success has to do with other peoples opinions and whether or not people like the artists work. That's a tough way to gauge success because all opinions are subjective. Thus, figuring out what paths or decisions to make as an artist can be confusing, as there is no sure answer or equation for definite prosperity. If we are always making, hopefully for ourselves first, but with the underlying knowledge that in order to be financially successful as artist, we must also be liked by someone else, it can make an art occupation feel impossible and in-navigable. The real test of time is not quitting, it's easy to give up, the hard part is to keep going. Artists have to make this choice over and over, some days they hit a wall or dead end; other days they are working through ideas and creating new things; then there is the grey area in between; and on some fine days, all the hard work has paid off and one has found the way to success. This conversation about the art world is how we came up with illustrating the navigation of it, like an infinite maze.

How it was made: We started with graph paper & drew the letters for the maze, then we digitized the drawings & imported them into illustrator, the walls of the maze were added one square at a time, once the walls were finalized we added 3-D special effects in Photoshop, we then imported different textures to make the walls feel more realistic, then we created a gradient which we painted over parts of the maze to give it more variation in color & we tested different fonts for the event details at the bottom of the poster, looking for a type that would not detract from the maze. Once all this was finalized we professionally printed the posters & postcards to check & fine tune the color. The poster & postcards will be sent to over 2,000 residents as the marketing material for Meramec's annual juried art show.   

The judges: "Your poster has been selected. Not only is your poster beautifully designed, but the teamwork involved in making and executing it was commendable. Thank you for your supreme contributions to this process."
-Mike Swoboda and Tim Linder