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Jenna Carlie Self Portrait


Jenna Carlie obtained her BFA in fine art and photography from Rhode Island School of Design. She has worked for many well know artists, including but not limited to, Annie Leibovitz, Lauren Greenfield and Alexa Meade. She is based out of Los Angeles and travels often for work.

Artist statement

I make photographic work about people, places, fashion and women’s issues. I am a huge believer in education, people must be taught about issues that need changing in order for change to occur. My goal is to bring up women’s issues in my art, raise awareness, start a conversation and push for change. I primarily focus on the portrayal of women in media and the expectations placed on women by both media and society. My aim is to diversify media, break down social constructs, give exposure to varying types of people, with different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, appearances and body types. To create a platform where people can speak up, talk about their stories, generate light for topics not openly discussed and have their voices heard. In addition to exposing the unhealthy messages and imagery depicted in media, that negatively impact people on an individual level and society at large.

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Redefining fashion and media to be a healthier place for everyone.