This multi-level installation which spans 500 feet tall by 120 feet wide is located in historic Alton Illinois. A unique feature about this exhibition is that it can be viewed from four different levels at the designated observation lookout points. The exhibition covers the history of the building itself, Millers Mutual Insurance Company and Rex Encore. History dating from 1873 until the present day, 2019. When guests enter they are directed towards an information guide, which lists the historic information about each image and tells the rich history of this Landmark.

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And of course thank you to my sidekick Precious!

Exhibition Design, Curation, Current Day Photography, Writing, and Historic Research by Jenna Carlie

Historic Photography Courtesy of Alton Museum and Hayner Library

Special thanks to Giant City Properties, Todd Adamitis, John Simmons, Kevin Carlie, Nathan Baca, Lacy McDonald, Diversified Lab Services and of course my loyal sidekick Precious.