Here is a sneak peak at the beginnings of my new project, "Then and Now", focusing on the revitalization of a once thriving city in Illinois, called Alton. For over a year now I have been gathering historic data and imagery of the city, researching the architectural layouts and changes throughout the decades, while photographically documenting the buildings in their current state of abandonment from the same angles as the historic past times. With a great team, we embark on the journey to save a town that was once booming, bringing it back from its dilapidated condition, saving the historic integrity and developing it to become ‘the healthiest, happiest city on the Mississippi river by 2029.’ My job is to document this process with deeply rooted history in mind, bring art through time and visually showing the people of Alton that this is not the end for their city, but the beginning of something amazing.

My goal is to document this city through it’s revitalization, while also showing it’s deep rooted history. My job is to tell the story of this town, from then to now.

Alton then - 1900’s -1990’s


Alton Now - 2019


WEST ALTON THEN - 1930’S - 1990’S



west alton now - 2019 - Additional images


1900’s - 1970’s historic imagery from the archives of Hayner Library

1993 flood imagery by Don Huber

2019 imagery by Jenna Carlie